• Image of Aris Kokou - Seven Days In Heaven

Aris Kokou - Seven Days In Heaven


1. Intro
2. Kelly’s song
3. Veneranda
4. Another Poor Mans Story
5. Interlude #1
6. Re Vision
7. The Dream
8. Remembrance
9. Interlude #2
10. Before We Raise
11. Interlude #3
12. Seven Days In Heaven
13. Thoughts Of You
14. Lil Child Cried On Me
15. Interlude #4
16. Soul Space

On October 24 2007, Klik Records welcomes a new artist in its roster and presents Aris Kokou with his debut album Seven Days In heaven. Aris Kokou has been an active member within the International electronic scene for the last ten years. Back in the 1990s Aris Kokou in collaboration with Bill Makris creates the project Intersperse and records more that seven 12’’ for the legendary label of Ltj Bukem, Good Looking records. Their project gains great reputation and support from the drum and bass community and the Intersperse tracks a place in plenty of compilations of the label such as Progressive Sessions 5 και Logical Progression Level 4. At the same time he creates alongside Bill Makris a new project titled Eastern Strategy and they create deep and tech house tracks for Plastic City Suburbia. Aris Kokou, Seven Days in Heaven album is varied in tone and intensity with a brilliant selection of deep house numbers interposed with tech house elements, drum and bass rollers and downtempo soundscapes. The sequencing is tight and all tracks build blows up and come down nicely creating an intense emotional response. As Aris says “Each track has been created based on personal experiences and recollections. The sentiment of love dominates because most tracks have been produced during periods that there was lots of it….” Seven Days in Heaven is a concept deep /tech album, which is adapted to the demands of the modern electronic sound, that’s once again distinguished by its aesthetics and impeccable production.