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B.I.G. - Mindscapes


1. Winter Synergy
2. Optimistic Vibes
3. Maturity
4. Secret Faith
5. Sadness
6. Dreamweaver
7. One Day
8. A Promise
2.1. Teardrops
2.2. Happiness
2.3. In Your Eyes
2.4. Last Request
2.5. Memorable
2.6. No Name
2.7. Magpie
2.8. Autumn Waves

On the 21st of January 2004, KLIK Records releases its seventh CD, the debut project by B.I.G. [Michalis and Dimos Siavelis], titled "Mindscapes". Mindscapes is a project that exceeds the 150 acoustic minutes as well as your expectations. It is a double CD, which will be released for the price of one and includes 16 long play tracks, which on a large scale are characterized by deep house productions enriched with dreamy melodies, deep tones, space sounds and ethereal basslines as well as ambient tunes, literally recorded in front of the sea, thus apt to take you on a journey to the most beautiful places you dream of. The melody of this particular project undoubtedly confirms the fact that Mindscapes is a project that will remain unimpaired through time!!!