• Image of Chris Nemmo - Forbidden Paths

Chris Nemmo - Forbidden Paths


1. Snowdrops
2. City 'A' Bongos
3. Forbidden Paths (Digitally Reborn Mix)
4. Manoeuvres
5. Infinity
6. Reminiscent Chords
7. Reflection (feat. Eleni Jakou)
8. Lightning Speed
9. Friday Night
10. In Your Smile

On the 24th of March 2004, KLIK Records, proudly presents "Forbidden Paths", the debut project by a talented and most promising producer, Chris Nemmo. "Forbidden Paths" left the best impressions at the Midem Festival 2004, at which KLIK Records participated and it is, without a doubt, a 'must' project in the field of dance music, in as much in Greece, as well as abroad. Chris Nemmo describes this project as a journey through the paths of the deep, ethereal and melodic dance scene. "Forbidden Paths" includes dreamy down tempo productions, house breaks and 4/4 beats with deep as well as progressive hues, enriched with ethereal pads and melodic piano keys. One of the best new Greek pianists in Greece, Dimitris Stamatelatos is at the piano for the track 'City 'a' Bongos' and Christos Karadimos is at the guitar. Eleni Takou offers the vocals for 'Reflections', while the sound mastering is by the up-and-coming and very talented producer and remixer, Giannis Douskos. Finally, all the tracks have gone under effects processing with the assistance of Hectoras Skoursis of Funky F Labs in York, UK.