• Image of Jose Padilla - Here Comes The Sunset Vol. 4

Jose Padilla - Here Comes The Sunset Vol. 4


1. Prem Joshua - Tangerine Thurmi
2. Smokey Bandits - A Sons Lament
3. Blundetto - Mi Condena (with Chico Mann)
4. Coyote - Wildness
5. Blue Pilots Project - Remake
6. Ilya Santana - Erin
7. Eduardo Castillo - Casaradio
8. Worst Friends - Del Boca Vista
9. Bostro Pesopeo - Basic Vox (feat. Hard Ton)
10. Bubble Club - Violet Morning Moon
11. Chris Nemmo - Urban Legend
12. Bliss - A Quiet Conversation

Each summer, a new raft of dance compilations stake claim to represent "the real Ibiza". But, if anyone deserves that accolade, it is Jose Padilla, who first arrived on the White Island in 1975 and who has been Djing there ever since. For Jose it has been always great to experience different music and play around the colors. As he says "Those sunsets have become legendary - an essential part of the Ibiza experience, climaxing in warm applause as the sun finally disappears beneath the waves, and those famous mix tapes evolved into the much loved Cafe Del Mar compilation albums, which have now sold over 5 million copies around the world". In addition Jose has gone from a poor bario in Northern Spain, to a jet-set Dj lifestyle guesting in London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Amsterdam, Miami, Italy, Moscow and serving as a musical ambassador for the island.

Jose Padilla points: "After all these years of playing music in two of my favorite countries, Italy and Greece, with one of the warmest and most loyal audience i have ever had, it has been a pleasure to put this selection together for this historical and unique spot in Rome that was a meeting point in the 60's of La Dolce Vita at Fregene, Rome, on one of my favorite and respected labels from Greece.

On May 2011, Singita Miracle Beach in Rome proudly presents "Here Comes The Sunset vol. 04" compiled by the legendary Jose Padilla. Since its early days Singita is about escapism, desire, strong emotions, sensational sunsets, exotic flavors and perfumes, awesomeness. This is exactly what you will experience by listening to the musical selection of Jose. "This selection represents the connection between East and West, followed by contemporary sounds that bring future to present. And it has been created to be listened with your eyers closed from the beginning to the end, and make you feel the spirit of this amazing place that is Singita Miracle Beach" Jose Padilla states.

Twelve tracks of contemporary electronica with the freshest sound, creating a compilation that perfectly accompanies the exotism of Singita. An eclectic mix of music that share the same denominator, a dreamy feeling. Here Comes The Sunset Vol. 04 is a selection of melodic mid and up tempo sounds and participations by some of the most highly acclaimed artists and labels from the electronic music field feat tracks by Prem Joshua, Smokey Bandits, Blundetto, Coyote, Blue Pilots Project, Ilya Santana, Eduardo Castillo, Worst Friends, Bostro Pesopeo, Bubble Club Music, Chris Nemmo & Bliss. So just get yourself ready this summer for long term relaxing journeys with the best view of Singita Miracle Beach.