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Kid Flicks - Kid Flicks LP

Kid Flicks’ new self titled LP differs in tone from his previous releases. Highly influenced by the bright side of contemporary athenian life, multiculturalism and the internet culture, Kid Flicks created a unique album which draws from various genres and styles. From electronic and sample-based music to psych pop and world music, the album is full of upbeat pop melodies, explosive middle eastern percussion and a wealth of harmonised
layers and textures. “Kid Flicks” will see it's digital release on May 23 and it's vinyl edition on June 23 2016 through Klik records with a worldwide distribution through Wordandsound.


1. La Voix Surrealiste
2. Whirling Dervish
3. The Day of The Strange Tide
4. The Ocean
5. Don Quixote

1. Media Luna
2. Fingers
3. Mere Working Hypothesis
4. Textiles