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Mikael Delta - Tech Me Away


2. She Is A Boy
3. The Sweetest Light
4. I Ve Got This Feeling
5. Disco Over Me
6. The Last Storm Of Words
7. Hungry For Love
8. Oprah’s Book
9. Tech Me Away
10. Dancing With A Friend
11. Walking With Johann
12. Heretic Loudness
13. Make A Wish

Mikael Delta returns with his new project titled Tech Me Aaway focusing once more with his own unique way on electronica tech house and techno paths with sounds of strings and wind instruments in groovy rhythms and atmospheres. A journey filled with feelings and dreams into the industrial city landscape. It took him more than 3 years to complete this one and decide on its final musical genre. Mikael feels very lucky that he had the chance to work with artists who he admires and trust.Etten is the voice of this project , however, in a mysterious way her voice sounds like the listener’s inner voice .Billie Ray Martin in her also excellent performance confesses to us her oedipal relationship with her mother, this constant bond we are all prisoners of. “Tech Me Away” is an album made of sounds and references to good old techno. Mikael didn’t follow what’s in fashion in music at all. He only followed his instinct. And as a creator he never declined his share of responsibility to transform my heartaches into a soft light sent from above.