• Image of Milto Eph ft. Junior SP - Timeless Playground

Milto Eph ft. Junior SP - Timeless Playground


1. Daydream @ work
2. An Inside Job
3. Blues'a'nova
4. Return of Mojo Squad
5. Lagoon
6. Chain of fools-revisited
7. Infernal
8. Here in my arms
9. First Born
10. Timeless Playground-reprise
11. Synthaesthesiac

On the 17th of February 2005, Klik Records opens a new chapter in Greek electronica, releasing its new project. Milto Eph (Miltos Fotiadis) presents his first personal album, titled "Timeless Playground". It's a production that shifts within a sound spectrum, unique for discography in our country. Orchestral 70s funk, trip hop, breakbeat, downtempo and nu soul are the main sound elements of this album, enriched with cinematic soundscapes which refer to the blaxploitation movie atmosphere as well as early seventies British spy films. Each track on "Timeless Playground" creates different vibes to the auditor, from daydreaming to relaxing, to suspense and intensity. Milto Eph collaborated with Junior SP (Giorgos Spiliopoulos) on 5 tracks for this album and as he states, the input by a professional DJ was important in the project's development: "An idea goes through many stages until it becomes a finished track, so the moments of SP's collaboration during the production and until the mixing, are many". By listening to the album, you will remember moments of very special groups such as LTJ Buke, Cinematic Orchestra, Unkle, Massive Attack, Air and Ninja Tune's "creme de la creme". The more "musically challenged" auditor, as well as the most demanding fan of good music, will be impressed by the project's compact sound and will acknowledge the fact that this album doesn't have a past in the history of Greek discography!