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Prince - Lotus Flower Ltd edition 2lp

Lotusflow3r is the 33rd full-length studio album by Prince (sold in a package with his 34th album MPLSound). It was initially released as a download on the launch date of Prince's website lotusflow3r.com, with a CD release exclusively at Target five days later, in a 3CD package that also included MPLSound and Bria Valente's first and only album Elixer.

In September 2009, the album was released in France as part of a 2CD package that also included MPLSound. At the same time, a single-disc set was released in France, titled Lotusflow3r but including the MPLSound disc (this was a deliberate marketing decision, not an error). In November, the album was released on vinyl in France as part of a 2LP package, again also including the MPLSound album.

The album's download version contains one alternate track from the CD version. The Morning After is included as the third track on the download, while the CD includes Crimson And Clover in its place. The change has not been explained.

Side 1:

From The Lotus... (2:47)
Boom (3:19)
Crimson And Clover (3:52)1
4ever (3:48)
Colonized Mind (4:48)
Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful (3:53)

Side 2:

Love Like Jazz (3:50)
77 Beverly Park (3:04)
Wall Of Berlin (4:17)
$ (3:57)
Dreamer (5:31)
...Back 2 The Lotus (5:35)

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