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Prins Thomas - 5

In the five years that it's taken former studio partner Hans-Peter Lindstrom to produce his latest solo album, Prins Thomas has delivered three fantastic full-length excursions. He's at it again here, laying down another cheery, entertaining and off-kilter romp in his now distinctive style. Rich in live instrumentation, vintage synthesizers and classic drum machines, "Prins Thomas 5" sees the lauded Norwegian serving up cuts that variously touch on space rock, cosmic disco, Italo-disco, krautrock, ambient, acid, proto-techno and, of course, his own distinctive takes on the "Scandolearic" sound he helped to create. It's arguably a little more intricate, layered and complex than some of his previous work, but that's no bad thing. Arguably, it's one of his best sets yet.


1. Here Comes The Band
2. Villajoyosa
3. Bronchi Beat
4. Track ''4''
5. A
6. O
7. Lunga Strada
8. London Til Lisboa
9. A
10. Venter Pa Torske
11. Aske Hermansen

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