• Image of Serafim Tsotsonis - Beautiful People


01. Red Green Blue 04:36
02. My Own Sea 04:54
03. So Good 03:53
04. Far Away 04:27
05. Catch The Cloud 05:04
06. Alone In The Stars 05:44
07. Whistles In My Head 03:58
08. Phantoms 04:16
09. Trees And Flowers 03:21
10. I Feel Home 05:27
11. Omnipresent 04:35
12. The Hunter 05:24
13. Memorial 05:21
14. Sober 03:39

Since his first two personal album releases on Kilk Records, Serafim Tsotsonis has been recognized as an outstanding talent in modern music. His body of work is held as essential in the development and forecasting of forthcoming musical tendencies. With the release of his brand new album “Beautiful People”, the Greek artist takes a step further, presenting even more facets of his diverse talent in a work of exceptional aural polymorphy, thus conquering his rightful place at the top of music's pantheon, in electronica and beyond.