• Image of Siopis - Auslander


01. Avatism - The Slug
02. Greg Paulus - Nightime (Crazy P remix)
03. Pillowtalk - The Come Back (Life and Death remix)
04. Delete - Slo Mo girl (Fur Coat Dark After Hour Mix)
05. Derek Marin - Midnight Cruiser
06. Tanner Ross & Soul Clap - M.E.S. (Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi Freestyle remix)
07. David Kassi - Freeway
08. Alex Dimou - Quiet Riot (Siopis remix)
09. Kid Bliss - Discoshit (Siopis remix)
10. Iz & Diz - Magnificent (Justin Martin's No Heart & Soul Mix)
11. Toby Tobias - Tomorrows Bringing (Lee Foss My Hands Smell Of Sleep Remix)
12. Pillowtalk - Soft
13. Siopis - You are so Kool

Siopis “AUSLANDER” mixed compilation for Klik Records shows his dream of getting different cultures together into a unity. His Greek touch in the German oriented electronic music tracks create a unique and so warm atmosphere making everybody feeling like home. 13 hand picked tracks including the exclusive unreleased tracks by Alex Dimou - Quiet Riot (Siopis remix) and Siopis - You Are So kool, the upcoming first release on Siopis label Mangali from David Kassi plus his upcoming unreleased remix on Get Physical for Kid Bliss - Discoshit (Siopis remix) guarantee an hourly trip in a globe with no boarders.