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The Liminanas – I ‘ve got trouble in mind: 7” and rare stuff 2009-2014

Over the span of five years, the French duo of Lionel and Marie Limiñana created some of the most indelible garage rock meets yé-yé albums anyone (n)ever heard. Why the excellent songs, fabulous style, and note-perfect sound of their various albums and singles didn't set the world on fire is a mystery no team of brilliant scientists will ever be able to figure out. If you're reading these words, that probably means you're one of the lucky ones who's figured it out for yourself and know about the band. Well done, and unless you're a fanatic collector who has tracked down every note the band has released, you're going to want I've Got Trouble in Mind: 7" and Rare Stuff 2009/2014. Like the title says, the set gathers up singles, appearances on compilations, and specially recorded songs that bring Limiñanas' fans up to date on the band. The early single "I'm Dead" is a highlight, laying out the band's approach right away. What would happen if you transported a Serge Gainsbourg protégé to an American garage? Great things, if that song and the others here are the result. Other songs well worth having are the group's rambunctious take on the Beach Boys' "I Know There's an Answer," which somehow manages to rescue the ukulele from being the twee-est instrument on earth while simultaneously kicking the song's beachy butt. Their restrained take on Jay Reatard's "An Ugly Death" is another wonderful cover, as is their starry-eyed version of the Spector X-mas classic "Christmas." Sprinkled in among the covers are originals that sound like covers of classic '60s songs, especially the track that gives the collection its title. This set is both an excellent place to discover one of the great modern-day garage pop bands and a fantastic compilation of stray tracks that are absolutely vital to anyone who has already discovered them.


A0 Intro By Evan "Funk" Davies
A1 I'm Dead
A2 Migas 2000
A3 Je M'en Vais
A4 (I've Got) Trouble In Mind
A5 Tu Es À Moi
A6 I Know There's An Answer
B1 La Fille De La Ligne 15
B2 Mobylette
B3 An Ugly Death
B4 Christmas
B5 Liverpool (Feat. Lio)
B6 A Dead Swan