• Image of Yosebu - I ‘ll Be Waiting Till Dawn

Yosebu - I ‘ll Be Waiting Till Dawn


1. Monogramm
2. With you
3. Finding a cloud to ride closer
4. Soulsin
5. Love letter
6. Divine form
7. Treat me right
8. Symposium
9. You will see
10. Sky pilot
11. My garden
12. No styl' gia
13. Rosetta stone
14. Last contact

"You will see" get more and more support from Independent radios. Some of the most respected producers of the electronic down tempo music scene, amongst them Boon, Blue Mar Ten and Nightmares On Wax, have already given their best credits for the forthcoming release of Klik Records, Yosebu – 'I Will Be Waiting Till Dawn'. After two years in the studio working on his new project, Yosebu leaves for a while the atmospheric deep house music scene and presents on Monday the 19th Of November 2007 his new solo album 'I Will Be Waiting Till Dawn'. In his new project Yosebu uses the most appropriate sound engineering techniques in order to capture his warm sound in a cd. The results create acoustic emotions that we have never experienced before. Cinematic down tempo melodies that move fast like fire of notes. Beautiful, eccentric, erotic compositions from Yosebu who manages to give us the music that lives inside his mind in a manner that escapes the standards of down tempo electronica. A unique cocktail of guitars, samples and vocals to the point where electronic details meet orchestral music and move it to a higher level. No doubt ''I Will Be Waiting Till Dawn' is the soundtrack of the winter to come.